Opaque White, Endless Possibilities

Printing white ink with traditional offset printing has always been tricky, and usually requires resorting to white foil stamping to achieve the desired opacity, which is expensive and adds time to a project.

But now, with our HP Indigo, we can offer a true opaque white, opening up some exciting design options, as designers can now utilize clear, metallic, or dark coloured stocks.

Great Results

Recently we worked with a client to produce a "VIP" version of the Vancouver Auto Show ticket. Their requirement was to have an elegant looking piece that stood out visually from the regular admission tickets, but remained within budget. We knew we could help!

Once designed, we selected a silver foil stock - the white ink paired beautifully with this stock, allowing us to "mask" areas that were not to have the look of foil stamping.

The end result was an amazing looking piece!