Opaque White, Endless Possibilities

We now have the capability to print opaque white on anything from transparent cling material and metallic stocks to dark stocks – even paperboard, giving designers more room to think outside the box.

Perfect Plastic Every Time

Print on plastic with a ‘one-shot’ Ink lay-down feature for perfect registration and high quality printing. Perfect for gift cards, membership cards, and signage.

Invisible Ink for Seamless Security

Using invisible ink that is visible only under UV light allows for new security- printing applications such as ID cards, admission tickets, and high-value coupons. About the only thing we can’t print, is money.

Super RIP, Super High Speed.

And, with our new super charged RIP at the front end to chew through data, we can turn out variable data campaigns in record time!

Print Anything and Everything.

Our new Indigo offers print compatibility at its best as there are now more than 2500 certified substrates, including paper up to 18 pt! It also prints on a wide range of coated and uncoated paper, synthetic, and recycled media.